Author: Mkris

Let’s Take a Little Walk Down Memory Lane

Now that I look back in time, planning was never my favourite thing to do. I just noticed that all my trips so far have been very spontaneous and very last minute. Maybe I should try to be more organized next time… Nonetheless, my trip to Toronto in 2015 (?) with my dear friend was great.

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A Little Summer Adventure

As I sit here at home with a cup of green tea on this cold rainy Saturday afternoon… I can’t help but remember the fun times I had this summer, especially as I stare at the pile of school work that I have to do. HAHAHA… Now you might be wondering where in the world did

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Montreal’s Barbie Expo

The largest permanent exhibition of barbie dolls in the world?! Have you ever heard of the Barbie Expo? I’ve actually heard about it when it first opened on February, but I never took the time to go and check it out. I’ve seen so many pictures over the past months, but it was only until recently

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