A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

Now that I look back in time, planning was never my favourite thing to do. I just noticed that all my trips so far have been very spontaneous and very last minute. Maybe I should try to be more organized next time… Nonetheless, my trip to Toronto in 2015 (?) with my dear friend was great. A little “3 days and 2 nights” getaway from our hectic college life was everything we needed.


Because I am very awkward in front of the camera, you will mostly see my friend in the pictures. (Seriously, I don’t want to ruin your eyes.) Maybe I should take some classes to pose better… Actually, naah. There’s no hope for me. hehehe…


We weren’t familiar with the public transportation. So, we mostly walked to reach our destinations from point A to point B. (& we also wanted to save some money hehe..) On the bright side, we discovered some nice places while walking  (we would’ve missed if we rode the public transportation).


(And of course, we had to check out the St Lawrence Market. Though, It’s too bad that it was closed when we went)


Yes. It’s a must to take a picture of the Gooderham Building.


It was a little hard to find but worth the long walk! The ice cream was delicious!!!


I love going to craft stores! Oh how I wish we had this store in Montreal.


Despite the cold wind that day, this family played wonderfully. We pretty much stayed there for 30 mins simply to listen to them play music.


Kensington Market great finds ahead!!!


The globes hanging from the ceiling was pretty cool.


This was our one and only time using the train. With our wonderful luck, the station we wanted to get off on was blocked… YAY! It’s okay, we got great pictures though.


We were two hungry big kids looking for something to eat until we saw what their lowlaws serves for brunch!!! Mindblowinggggg! hehehe…


Just briefly borrowing their flower display for a picture 😀


Oh yeah! We rode their tram (maybe twice or three times)


That’s all for now!

Have yourself a good day! 😀