A Little Summer Adventure

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As I sit here at home with a cup of green tea on this cold rainy Saturday afternoon… I can’t help but remember the fun times I had this summer, especially as I stare at the pile of school work that I have to do. HAHAHA…

Now you might be wondering where in the world did I go

WARNING — This will be a little bit long…

Here’s a song to entertain you while you read…

planeOkay, so where did I go?

Well, I actually didn’t go very far.

My friend and I spontaneously decided to go on a trip. We planned our trip and bought our plane tickets 3 days before our flight. We left Montreal at 3pm in the afternoon and arrived at LAX at 12:00 am. Yes, that’s right! We went from the city of Montreal all the way to Los Angeles.

The next day, we decided to explore the area to buy some necessities & find a place to eat because we were starving!

We did A LOT of walking that morning. I guess it was a good morning exercise. We saw a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants, acupuncture clinics, massage clinics & much more in almost every block. We walked and walked, while the sun shined on us more and more. The heat intensified as we walked further away from where we came from. Compared to the cold rainy weather of Montreal at that time, LA was blazing hot! If I had to describe how we felt at that moment… it was as if we were going to melt!

Finally we settled at a mall & had our first meal of the day. The portion was actually HUGE!! It definitely filled our stomachs. It was good! If I remember correctly, it is called Omurice (오므라이스) –> Omlette Rice

First day - First meal

It was fairly interesting to see those newspaper containers!



It was pretty interesting to walk around Koreatown. My friend and I were talking about how we felt like we were back in time!img_4744

We were also a bit surprised upon seeing how unkept the streets were! Nonetheless, there’s something about the place that triggers one’s curiosity.



We asked around if there was any cinema nearby. We were directed to CGV cinema. & To our surprise… They were only showing 2 movies! So, we decided to just roam around again.


We ended up eating Patbingsu (팥빙수) — A korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings. It was delicious!


Because we were feeling adventurous that day. We decided to choose a different path to go back to the place we were staying.



It was interesting to see plants we’ve never seen before.


We somehow ended up in a sketchy place… I’m still very thankful that I’m fairly good with directions & we were able to find our way back!


List of the other places we visited:

  • Calico

Actually, we weren’t prepared to go to this location.

Definitely not the right kind of “shoes” for this place.

Yes, we did walk up with our sandals.
SAMSUNG CSCThose seats were actually BURNING HOT!

We got so tanned after our short stay at this place!

SAMSUNG CSCYeah… our so called “rock-tripod & timer” failed us. SAMSUNG CSC

  • Las Vegas


I love the atmosphere of this place!

I will definitely go to Venice one day.





We watched “Le Rêve — The Dream” show!

It was absolutely amazing! 

It completely emptied our wallets but..

It was definitely worth the money.


After the show, because we were feeling a little adventurous again, we decided to walk from Wynn to our hotel. It was nice to see how vibrant Las Vegas was…! But… we later agreed that this was a very bad decision. We did not think that the distance to get to our hotel was that long… It took us about an hour and a half to get to our hotel! The result? Tired little girls & blisters on our feet. HAHA!

But, it was fun 🙂



  • Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Zion National Park




  • Grand Canyon National Park

  • Yosemite National Park

Fun Fact: We visited Yosemite on Father’s Day (June 19,2016). The same day that President Obama and his family visited the National Park. A lot of areas were closed and protected because of it…img_5381

  • San Francisco



  • Sausalito


  • Solvang




  • Pebble Beach

Simply gorgeous.

Spectacular views!

I wouldn’t mind walking around here every day!


Anyways, that’s all.

I’ll talk about some of those trips in the another section (top menu – adventures).

All in all, this spontaneous was great!

I definitely do not regret going on this trip with my friend. It has brought us so much closer together! In fact, we were never actually close back in high school (2013). I never would have imagined to go travel with her. All the troubles we experienced made this memory much more memorable!

By the way, if you were wondering… We did experience other crazy events during our trip… 

If you made it this far, I sincerely congratulate you! Thank you for very much for taking your time to read this.

Have a good day! 


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